Work with Maeve

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about working with me.

I work in two ways

Virtually and In-Person.

Virtual sessions take place via Skype.  In-Person sessions take place in London.

First Step

The initial consultation will explore what is happening for you right now and what you would like to change.  This usually requires 60-90 minutes of discussion and is not charged.

During the consultation, should we decide to work together, a mutual day and time will be agreed that is mutually convenient for both of us.  This will be the time for your regular sessions.  I have found that it is best to stick to the same day and time for consistency.  Clients benefit from knowing when their sessions are and can plan around them.

I will ask you some questions about what you’re currently experiencing, gain some background for context and explore your options for breaking through and moving towards your relationship and life goals.

Occasionally, clients experience a wave of emotion during this session.  It is not unusual to cry and feel an overwhelming sense of relief to finally be speaking to someone who cares, listens without judgment or interference and guides you to find the truth within.  It is also common for individuals to think that because they received such support during the consultation that they have cracked it and don’t need further sessions.  Please be aware, this is only the beginning!  It’s like breaking ground, then the digging begins to find the treasures underneath!

My Approach

Our conversations will support you to discover and explore who you truly are, what is in your way of experiencing life with joy, ease, happiness and love.  Throughout our time together you will feel more and more open to sharing things that you have kept bottled up.  It helps to know it is not essential to dig up the past as this is more the work for a therapist.  I will guide you to discover your inner reservoir of knowledge, as you are the expert in your own life.  I am merely a conduit to help you navigate and receive the wisdom that has been hidden from view.

Each person is unique, therefore each programme of work is unique to each person.  I suggest a series of at least 4 sessions to get a sense of what is available.  During the 4th session, we will explore your next steps.  You may feel you have received all you need for the time being, or you may realise there is more work to do and we can discuss what is the best way to assist you in moving forward.


Skype sessions – 2 x a month with email support £500 per month

In-Person sessions – 2 x a month with email support £1000 per month

*This is a guide and during our consultation, we can explore your options for more or less sessions per month.

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