Is It Your Time for

True Love?



Are you single and looking for a committed, loving relationship?

Are you tired of the “dating and waiting” game?

Have you tried all kinds of “tips, tricks and strategies” to meet as many people as possible in the hope you can find the one?”

Do you feel fearful you might be left on the shelf because all the ‘good ones‘ are taken?”

Then You Have Come to

the Right Place!


Allow Me to Introduce Myself!


I’m Maeve Crawford, a Relationship Healer and Educator

Since 2007 I’ve worked with hundreds of single people, just like you who wanted to meet the love of their life. 

Over the last decade, I’ve taught people how to tap into powerful spiritual laws to help them on their quest. 

It’s information I’ve personally used and wholeheartedly believe in, as I’ve experienced the incredible benefits and helped others to do the same!

The information I’ve shared with them has helped them to transform their lives as well as their relationships!



Join Me!


I am hosting a fun and interactive talk on 19th August especially for people like you. During the talk I will share information that hasn’t been shared anywhere else about how to use the Law of Attraction effectively, to help you on your quest for true and lasting love.


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Why I’m Hosting this Event!


You see, I’ve studied, researched, read and lived what I teach and I know what works and what doesn’t.

It breaks my heart to see you being misled and sold short by people who try to convince you that dating is a numbers game! It also infuriates me to hear people say you have to get inside the mind of the man/woman to know how to play the game!

There are so many untruths and half truths online about dating and relationship. Wouldn’t it be incredible if someone were to come along and give you the truth?

Don’t take my word for it, take a look at my testimonials to find out what others have experienced working with me!

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Book your ticket to come along to this special event to discover:

  • How Law of Attraction can either hinder or help you in your quest for true love.
  • What to do to make it work in your favour.
  • One powerful daily practice that will significantly transform your efforts!
  • You will create your unique Divine Attraction Plan that will guide you on your journey of attracting your Divine Partner!

Tickets are limited to 20!



Special Gift to All

Attendees worth £200!

See You There!