Discover You, Discover Love!

Transformational Retreat for

People in Search of Love.

You’re a loving soul. 

You’ve spent your life taking care of others and now find you have time to focus on you. 

Your business or career has taken up much of your focus and you feel that there’s one particular area of your life that’s been somewhat neglected.

It’s been a while since you’ve lain in the arms of someone who loves you.  You lie awake at night wondering about the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with, and how much fun it could be to have someone to share your hopes, your dreams and your adventures with.  You look over at the empty pillow next to yours and wonder how to make it happen.

During the day, you notice an aching, a longing and a burning desire to at last find someone who not only gets you, but is the perfect match for you.  Your Divine Counterpart, your Best Friend, your Beloved.  This person has your back and you have theirs.  Together, life is one big great adventure!
Your souls are meant to be together, yet somehow you just haven’t met yet!

Well, that’s where I come in.
You see, it’s become my life’s mission to help people just like you to discover the love they’ve been searching for their whole life.  A love that will see them through all the trials and tribulations life often brings.  A love that cherishes each aspect of your true Divine self!  A love that uplifts when you’re feeling blue.  A love that inspires when you’re feeling doubtful, a love that heals when you’re feeling broken.

How do I know this kind of love is available to you?
I discovered a love exactly like this after many years of failed turbulent relationships.  This love was supportive, kind, compassionate and so much fun!  It was the Yin to my Yang.  It was a love like no other and it sparked a massive desire within me to help as many people as possible to experience their love like no other story.

During our time together, I helped hundreds of single people discover their Divine Dating blueprint.  I witnessed breakthrough after breakthrough during private coaching sessions and enjoyed seeing how empowered each person became as they journeyed from the space of wondering if they would ever find true love, to a space of discovering the love that lives within and then attracting their Beloved!

These journeys are etched in my heart and add the fuel to my burning desire to walk the path with as many brave souls who are ready to take this journey with me.
Imagine, the transformation that is available to you that will illuminate your path. 

You will become knowledgable about what is available to you.  You will explore exactly what it is you wish to experience in the Divine partnership with your Beloved.  You will discover exactly how to turn things around, so you open the door for your Beloved to walk right in and into your open arms!

The dream of a Divinely loving relationship has been planted in your soul because it is your Divine Birthright to experience a Love that supports your soul’s growth.  Your soul knows this is an aspect of your journey that it is here to experience.  Your role, is to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I am here to tell you, you can make it happen.  I am here to let you know this is so available to you and I can support you through the transformation of your life.
Come away with me and let’s see what opens up for you during our three days together.  We will adventure, we will soul journey, we will breakdown and breakthrough whatever is in your way of welcoming this Divine Love into your life. 

Imagine, if after all these years, this is the message you’ve been waiting to hear.  Imagine, if after all these years you finally discover the truth that helps you attract the perfect person into your life to walk this path together.

Imagine, if in ten years time you ignore this message and look back and wonder what would have happened if you had taken a chance.

What would your life look like in ten years time when you say yes to you?  What will your life look like when you’re lying in bed looking across to the face on the other pillow.  What will your conversation be about?  What will your life feel like when you know you made a conscious decision to once and for all say YES to your love life?

Our relationships can be our greatest spiritual teachers.  Without your Beloved by your side to walk this journey together, there is a massive part of your soul that will forever be wondering the Earth looking and not knowing the Truth of what Love offers!  Come away with me and find out what’s available to you!

The Experience

Having one to one coaching sessions over a period of time, can help bring about massive change in your life.  However, when you come away from your every day life and spend time in reflection, experiencing activities that stretch your thinking and comfort zone,  and express your deepest heart’s desires, your life can be powerfully transformed.

The difference between change and transformation is that change is temporary.  You can change something one day, only to have it revert back to what it was before after a while.  This is true especially if you don’t have the support in place and the accountability to help make your change permanent.  Transformation on the other hand is something which lasts a lifetime.  When coal is transformed into diamond, it doesn’t one day become coal again.

Spending time way gives you the opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your life.  You can’t see the picture while you’re in the frame, says Les Brown.  So, here’s a chance for you to step out of the frame of your life, and take a good look at what it is you really want.

During our time together, you will have the opportunity to experience breakthroughs, hear new information that will help you to make necessary changes and be with like minded people, so your learning is a fun and shared experience.  This retreat is a chance to fully immerse yourself in an environment that is conducive to your spiritual growth, soul’s discoveries and love transformation.

This Autumn, Your Dream Becomes a Reality!

Friday Morning ~ Day 1
10.30am Arrive at the train station.
Brunch in the local village of Penrith and some sight seeing before heading off to our luxury accommodation.

4pm Arrival and check in at Waternook and time to settle in your room.

5pm – 6pm Take a break, go for a walk, enjoy the new sights of our home for the weekend!  Become familiar with your surroundings!

6pm – Evening meal followed by a gentle evening activity before a good night’s sleep in preparation for two full days of workshops and fun activities!!

Saturday Morning Session
7am Group meditation outside, by the lake
8am Breakfast, on the patio/balcony with view of the lake

10am – 12pm 1st Workshop

1pm Lunch

2pm Outdoor activity

4/6pm 2nd Workshop

6-8pm solitude (a time to reflect, journal and connect with nature on a private walk alone)

8pm – dinner

9pm invocation circle​

10/11pm  film then bed

7am meditation outside by the lake (weather permitting)

7.30am breakfast – discussion and reflection on the retreat

8.30 – 11am – 3rd Workshop

12pm – Outdoor activity and  lunch

3pm – 5pm 4th Workshop

5pm-7pm Choice of spa treatments

7pm-9pm Evening meal and reflection

9pm Evening activity

Monday Morning

Check out of the venue is 10am.  We will spend our last few hours together in reflection and capturing next steps for your journey.

7am Meditation

7.30- 9am Breakfast

9 – 10am Packing in preparation for departure.

Your place on this exclusive and unique Transformational Experience, is by application.

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