A Love Like No Other


MrWrongLaunchWhen was the last time you remembered feeling fully embraced and free to embody your deepest self-expression? For some people, this experience never manifested and others may believe it is impossible. But what if it is?

The moment you experience that profound sense of wellness and spiritual completion is the moment you can truly acknowledge you are in love: with life, the art of living, challenges and those rare experiences that tantalise your senses and make you more aware that you are a living human being.

AlexandMaeveatBuckPalaceFeb2014Allow Maeve Crawford, Relationship Healer and Educator, to guide you along this path of self-discovery and realisation through her Love Like No Other. Maeve’s spiritual gifts manifested as a result of her direct experiences with this extraordinary emotion and its nuances: failed relationships, divorce, single-parenthood and a multitude of life challenges. Each of these influencers served to strengthen her fortitude so that she could become a woman of wholeness and prepared to meet her twin flame Love Like No Other, Alex.


Knowledge of emotional depths and heights empowered Maeve to take angeltrustyourintuitionon her role as relationship guide. With her client-centered methodology, she works to assist you in finding your strength center, higher self, and connect to that wisdom that exists dormant yet striving to release and express.

Maeve’s life mission is to help her clients attain an enriched understanding of the power of love, prepare for their own twin flame connection and locate where they can harness it through:

– Self-appreciation: greater understanding of self, potential and spiritual connection

– Acceptance: that higher levels of love are possible and belief that your twin flame exists

– Values: revisiting those principles and morals that form your spiritual compass and guide your actions

Allow this message to resonate with your core and take the first step to deeper realisation and the power of a Love Like No Other.

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