Does This New Year Herald a New Approach to Dating for You?

woman.walking.in.the.parkSomething tells me it does!  How do I know this?  Because you’ve found your way to this page. 
  • You’re seeking answers to the age old dating dilemmas you no longer wish to experience. 
  • You’re tired of going on dates that lead to nowhere. 
  • You’re fed up of making such an effort each time you go out to a social event, only to come home empty handed once more. 
  • You’ve read countless books, attended seminars and workshops that promise you this is the secret to attracting true love. 
  • You’re a beautiful, intelligent person with a generous spirit.  People love being around you.  Yet somehow that special someone just hasn’t shown up yet.  

I’d like you to take a moment and pause.  How does it feel for you to be single, when all you want is to find that special someone and spend your life together in loving bliss with each other?   How does it feel when your days turn into months, months into years and still no sign of this lover? 

You feel like giving up.  You feel like everyone who is in a relationship is in on something they forgot to tell you about.  Somewhere, this information didn’t make it to your Finding Love Or Girlfriend Shows Heart In Maze Stock Photo Stuart Milesawareness and you’re left wondering if you’ll ever know how to date confidently, purposefully and successfully. 

Rest assured I can totally understand how frustrating it is when you put in so much effort, thought and action into something you’re passionate about only to find you’ve once again turned a corner that leads to a dead end.   I’ve helped others learn the truth, perhaps now it’s your turn…

Love Starts From Within.  Love Attracts Love.  These are key elements you must learn and develop to attract the right person for you to spend your life with.  But if you’ve never loved yourself, where do you begin? 

SELF.LOVEWhat does it mean to love yourself anyway?  You may have seen the self love videos Marian Meade and I did at the beginning of 2016.  I go deeper into the principles from these videos with my private clients, who start their journey hoping they’ll one day meet the man or woman of their dreams.  They discover truths they didn’t know before, they identify where they’ve been going wrong and course correct.  Their results blow them away and within a short space of time, they’re living their life with a whole new perspective on how to date more purposefully.

I invite you to take a moment to consider how this could benefit you in your life.  If you feel you’ve had enough and want to learn how to date with more success, and want my help to make it happen sign up to my monthly tele-seminar series.  If you know you want to do this work with me privately,  take a look at the information beneath the optin form to find out how.

The 7 Pillars to Attracting and Experiencing

A Love Like No Other!

During my private coaching programme, A Love Like No Other, I guide you through a journey of discovering the 7 key pillars to attracting and building authentic relationships.  Here is an outline of the programme:

  1. Get Clear on What You Want.

  2. Clear the Path to Let Love IN.

  3. Heal the Past.

  4. Mindfulness and Presence.

  5. Dating with Purpose. 

  6. Making Conscious Choices in Life and Love.

  7. Develop Your Relationship Skills.

Whilst there is no cookie cutter approach that works for everyone, these are the main areas that you need to know to develop the confidence to date authentically, deliberately and purposefully.  Working one-to-one is unique to everyone, while we work through these prinicples, you will apply them to your life your unique way.

 Who Is Maeve Crawford?

MAEVE_at.BFIWho Am I?  I am a relationship healer and educator, I support single professional men and women looking for love,  to breakthrough their dating demons and develop the confidence to choose well in love and date with purpose.

My Passion  I am passionate about helping individuals to heal their broken hearts, develop the confidence, skills and clarity required to move on from their painful past and attract their true love.

My Mission  My mission is to help as many people as possible to heal their emotional wounds and open their hearts to love.

My Belief  I believe everyone is a Divine Being of Love and has potential to make a difference in the world.  I believe this cornerstone is the pillar for great relationships!

In The Beginning  Preparation for this work starts with an initial discovery session. During this session we will explore what you want to focus on and work towards. We will create a map and a plan to direct you from where you are to where you want to go. We explore the relationship you have with yourself,  what you want for your life and uncover what you want for your relationship.

roadOur Journey  We will spend at least 6 months working together. During this time we will navigate the path together and I will support you so that when you feel like giving up, I will be there to encourage you to keep going. When you hit a block, I will be there to guide you through it. On our journey, we get to know each other and develop increasing levels of awareness so you know what is preventing you from experiencing the love life of your dreams. You will experience breakthrough after breakthrough until the real you emerges and you become one with who you are.

Patience  This journey takes time to complete.  At times you may want to turn back, that is when, as your coach I will gently guide you forward. At times you may wonder if you will make it, that is when I will encourage you without judgment.  At times you may ask why you didn’t know this stuff before, that is when I will reassure you that you are learning it now and once you know it, there is no taking it away from you.

Awareness  The discoveries you make about yourself will positively impact other areas of your life. Once you discover who you are, know what you want for your life and can openly declare it and believe it is yours, you will make better decisions about who you spend your life with.

Commitment  Our sessions will take place at a mutually agreed time. Depending on your level of investment and commitment these sessions can involve in-person meetings and fast track days.

It is a privilege and an honour to be your trusted guide on your relationship journey.

ink.quillTo schedule your Relationship Breakthrough Discovery Session, please download the discovery formWhen you have completed it, please email it to me and I will carefully read through your responses.  I will be in touch with you to book an appointment to begin our conversation.


If you’re not ready to take this journey with me privately, join me for my monthly tele-seminar series, where I share information to help you find love in 2016: