Why You’re Not Getting the Results in Love You Want and What to Do About It!





At last!  A special course for spiritual women who are searching for their spiritual life partner.  You know you want more than just romantic dinners and sex.  You know there is more to being in a loving relationship than hand holding and kissing in public.  You know you are here for a Higher Purpose and you know you want to share your life with someone who understands the same for his life.

Finally, there is a solution for you.  You’ve been searching for the answer, but all the information that’s available talks about getting guys quickly, or using special strategies to get you dating as many people as possible.  After all, dating is a numbers game right?  NO!

This is not what you want!  You don’t want to go trawling bars and searching endlessly for the partner you know you are meant to be with. You don’t want to create an online profile on one of the matchmaking sites.  You don’t want to spend hours of time figuring out what is going wrong.

You know who you are.  You know what you’re looking for and you just want to know what the heck is in the way of you experiencing it!

You’ve been guided this far. Your call has been heard!


nature-fashion-person-womanDuring meditation, you’ve been guided to do Divine work with your Beloved. 

You’ve said “Ok, I’ll do it…but can you help me with this?”

I’ve been listening.  I’ve been paying attention and I have heard the same message.

During meditation and during every waking hour, I know I’ve been called to share this information with you.  I know you are here for something powerful and meaningful.  Your relationship is part of the work you are here to do.  You want to experience it.  You want to be able to help others.  But you haven’t yet found the person you’re meant to do this work with.

Here is your solution!

A programme that will guide you through what needs to be done to help you finally find each other!  Phew, isn’t that a relief?

The age old dating strategies don’t speak to your heart.  You want something that is  more meaningful and conscious.

This information has been given to me from a variety of experts, Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides and Higher Dimensional Beings.

I have been encouraged to share this with as many people as possible and create a community of spirit driven people who share the belief that our love is to become the force that transforms the planet.  We are not here alone.  We are here to do this work in unison.  In unity.  In Union with our Beloveds!!

Come Beloved.  Join me in the dance of the Divine.  Where you will meet other like minded Spirit Led Souls who also seek for love in ways that no one is speaking about.

Dating by Divine Design has taken years to create.  It is now ready for you to experience.

~ Remember Who You are

~ Communicate Your Desire to the Divine Intelligence

~ Connect Your Heart, Mind and Spirit with that Which You Seek

~ Express Your True Self

~ Unite with Your Beloved

~ Explore the Unfolding and Creation of Your Divine Relationship