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Thank you for visiting! 

You have found this site because you either stumbled upon it or you were deliberately searching for some answers to life’s questions. 

The “stumble” was by Divine Design. 

You were meant to find this site. 

There are no accidents and there are no Synchronicities. 

It is ALL Divinely Orchestrated for Your Soul’s Growth.


For many decades, life gave me some challenges and at one point, I thought I had learned what I needed to learn.  I spent many years talkING about relationships and taught many what I had learned.  Now, I’ve deepened my understandING of what is REALLY happenING and I AM called to share even more wisdom and knowledge to those who need to hear it.

My heartbreak was the catalyst once again that took me further into the Rabbit Hole.  I felt it was comING, but I also felt powerless to do anythING about it.  My thoughts and fears had taken over and I no longer felt in control of the situation.   I didn’t have the words, the competence, the courage or the confidence to deal with the impendING turmoil I knew was unfoldING.  At first I felt bitter, betrayed and bereft.  After a while, I calmed myself and started to seek answers once again to why this had happened.


Initially, I found information that was a surface level response to what was goING on.  It felt like a solution and if I had left it there, I would have discoverd a few years later some more pain, because I hadn’t really dealt with the true cause of it.

My disatisfaction led me to search some more and I eventually found some teachers who were sharING information that felt like I was finally gettING somewhere.  I listened for hours over many months to these incredible people who were sharING their knowledge in the best way they knew.  The information they shared came from their Divine Spirit and Guides.  I took notes, I tuned in on a regular basis.  I felt like I was gettING even more truthful answers than I had before.  Then, I found some more teachers.

These teachers taught me that at the cause of my problem with keepING a relationship alive were some deeply hidden and buried core wounds I was totally unaware of!  I always had a feelING there was somethING I couldn’t quite put my fINGer on, but it was so hidden deep within my Psyche, my Subconscious, I had no access to it!

womanincaveSomewhere, the answers lay buried.  I had no shovel, I had no map and I had no light to find the entrance to the cave of answers I knew were in there somewhere!

I found the only way to excavate was through withdrawING and goING within.  I found the entrance to the cave and started diggING!

What I discovered shed light on what the core of the problem was.  The years of Spiritual Study, Catholicism, Baptismal Study, Buddhism, Law of Attraction, Landmarking and Breakthroughing, More to Lifing, Destinying and Therapising,  NLPing, Coaching, Reading, Learning and Healing and on and on and on and on of ING!! ING!! ING!! ING!! ING!! ING!!


All these years of LEARNING had brought me to one realisation.  NOTHING is truly learned unless it is implemented and experienced!  I got to a point of REALISING…




It was then and only then could my true transformation take place.  I needed to let go of so many thINGs.  I needed to let go of the past, the hurts, the bitterness, the anger, the resentment, the relationships, the memories, the curses, the ancestral wounds, the childhood trauma, the belittling, the put downs, the criticisms, the beliefs, the understandINGs, the EGO, the confusion, the knowING, the not knowING, the societal imprints, the old paradigms, the spiritual teachINGs, the list seemed endless.

Ultimately, I needed to let go of ME! 

The ME I thought I was and embrace the ME that is truly who I AM!

A Soul…

So, the excavation is truly underway now and has led me to appreciate how much I had been shown along the tunnelING.  There’s still some diggING to do, but I’ve got this far and have discovered enough that I can’t keep it in any longer.  So, I’ve decided to create something for you.  It’s a work in progress and I will share it with you as soon as I have more clarity about the form it takes.

In the meantime, I am opening up some time in my extremely busy diary to offer some special experiential and exploratory sessions with 5 Brave Souls who wish to go down the rabbit hole and discover their TRUTH of WHO THEY ARE!

If you have resonated with this message and you feel within the depths of yourself that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for and are open to exploring with me, then PLEASE take this opportunity to get in touch with me to schedule your EXPLORATORY EXCAVATION SESSION while the IRON is HOT!

 Application via email: ING@maevecrawford.com

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